In FlowerCare your job is to take care of a beautiful flower, from the moment you plant it until it blooms!
You have to control the weather (when it rains) and make sure the flower has enough water at all times. If it doesn't, it will start to die and you'll have to plant another one. But be careful not to hit the "rain" button too many times or you'll risk drowning the flower!
FlowerCare is based on nature and the flower takes a realistic amount of time to grow and bloom. You will have to be patient and enjoy the beautiful process of nurturing the flower and making sure it grows well and healthy. The reward can be imense in the end, just like in real life.
While you are waiting for your flower to grow you can view a great landscape with clouds moving according to the wind or you can listen to birds singing or even just relax to the sound of falling rain.
If you have suggestions to improve the experience, I would love to hear them :)

CHROME WEB STORE: The button with the clouds starts the rain, the button with the little seed plants a new flower, the button with the arrows toggles fullscreen mode and the three dots opens up the main menu.
The objective of the game is to take care of a flower like in real life. You click the "rain" button and then you can either watch/listen to the rain for a while or just save the game and go do something else. You should check the flower the next day to see if it needs more water or not.
To determine if the flower needs water you can look at the bars on the top left corner. The top bar shows the health of the flower (if it goes all the way to the left, the flower dies). The bottom bar shows how much water the flower has. The dot on the bottom bar should in the green zone (more or less centered). If the dot is to the right, the flower has too much water and you shouldn't click the rain button; if it is slightly to the left, the flower hasn't got enough water so you should hit the rain button.
Even though I've called this a game, it's not like those other games out there that are filled with action. This is about having patience and enjoying the landscape and the process of taking care of a flower, just like in real life. After a day or so you'll see a little bit of the flower coming out, then the next day a bit more and more and more until the flower is fully grown.

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